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What We Do

Over time, market opportunities and clients’ needs change.  We continually seek to provide investments that are not only interesting but appropriate for evolving times. We offer a diversified and distinct range of portfolios that offer long-term real returns for our clients.  All of which are managed with the aim of meeting their objectives and providing good value, robust and effective investment solutions.

Convertible Bonds

Convertible bonds provide a hybrid solution for investors looking to have a balanced exposure to financial markets and deliver returns that compound with low volatility over time. Our team has developed unique models and systems over the last decade, enabling us to identify the best investments within the asset class for our investors. We provide a range of actively managed solutions designed to exploit the attractive asymmetric return profile of convertible bonds with varying degrees of risk tolerance.


Diversified Return

We manage a multi-strategy approach designed to conservatively grow investors’ capital while diversifying their portfolios.  The strategy’s risk-taking is grounded in the team’s credit-cycle framework.  Targeted use of derivatives, alternative return sources, and portfolio construction add value over basic asset allocation. 


Emerging and Frontier Market Equity

Emerging and frontier markets represent the fastest growing countries in the world. We believe the continued growth in these markets presents opportunities across a range of industries. Our index agnostic, opportunistic approach has been honed for over two decades, and the depth of experience garnered within our team allows us to participate in different opportunities that are usually off the beaten track.


Equity Income

We are long-term intrinsic value investors who believe that short term sentiment amongst many market participants causes them to overreact to news which has little or no impact on the long run value of a company. This overreaction causes share prices to diverge from the intrinsic value of the underlying business and provides an opportunity for long term investors to purchase shares at less than their true value. Buying shares at a discount to intrinsic value is a defensive strategy which builds in a margin of safety but also offers attractive total return potential through both dividend income and capital appreciation.


European Active Ownership

We invest in a small number of European listed, high quality companies, that have a significant opportunity to create additional value by addressing a number of company-specific issues, and where we can act as a catalyst for change by constructively working together with the company and other shareholders.


European and UK Equity

In 2017 the RWC European and UK Equity team joined RWC Partners from Pensato, which was founded by Graham Clapp in 2008. The team manages both long-only and long/short strategies at RWC. We take positions in companies where we believe the economic potential of the business is different to that implied by the share price. Our investment team follows a proven philosophy developed over the last 30 years to manage portfolios which aim to produce consistent outperformance for our investors, with lower volatility versus the wider market.


Global Equity Income

An experienced team, new to RWC, but doing exactly what they’ve been doing for years – leaning the probability of investment success in your favour. 


Global Horizon Equity

We seek out investment opportunities from around the world with little regard for the benchmark. Our focus on the supply side of industries, or capital cycle, highlights areas where there are likely to be companies whose share price is trading at a fraction of its intrinsic value. Superior alignment of interests runs throughout this strategy. We not only aim to align ourselves with our end clients by having a fee structure which shares performance risk, but also an investment approach which emphasises whether investee company management are incentivised to be effective capital allocators.


Japan Active Engagement

Japan is the world’s third largest economy and its corporate landscape is undergoing dramatic change. Through our joint venture with Tokyo-based Nissay Asset Management (NAM) we invest in a small number of selected Japanese companies that are not valued to their full potential due to factors we see as reparable. We then act as the catalyst for the change required to unlock value.


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