We strive to be responsible investors in everything that we do; we invest for current and future generations and the world in which they live.

Responsibility at RWC

We are not just a responsible investor, we are also a responsible organisation. Our corporate culture and organisational approach places high importance on
diversity & inclusion, our environmental impact and our interaction with the communities in which we operate, all themes that regularly feature in our consideration of ESG factors. 

Donated to charities hit hard by Covid-19 in 2020
Founding sponsor of [email protected], a community of working people coming together to eradicate the stigma of mental illness
Long-term sponsor
Of Hetty Bartlett, UK Paralympic athlete


We believe in creating common purpose for our people, our clients, our shareholders and the
communities in which we work. The three pillars of RWC SEED are:
Social Enterprise: collaboration with communities local to each of our offices, including charitable activities and
engagement, with the aim of generating positive change for both our own people and external participants.
Environment: consideration for the world in which we live, including our response to climate change, with the aim of
reducing the carbon footprint of our business operations.
Diversity: commitment to an inclusive and diverse organisation, with the aim of creating a culture in which different
backgrounds, opinions and experiences are valued, and drive innovation.

#10,000 BlackInterns

We are excited to support this new initiative to create more internship opportunities for Black people. We welcome our first intern summer 2021 and aim to continue our support across more teams next year.

RWC COVID 19 Response Initiative

SEO London

We are proud sponsors of SEO London and through our partnership they equip us with tools to prevent unconscious bias in our recruitment practices and we actively engage with their network, helping those from ethnic minority or low socioeconomic backgrounds with career success.

A responsible investment partner

We see our purpose as a fiduciary and therefore the decisions we make on behalf of our clients – and the way in which we choose to conduct our business – must always be in their best interests. We also recognise that the challenges we face, both those seen today and those foreseen tomorrow, have significant influence on what is expected from us, whether by clients or regulators.
of our total AUM is fully integrated with an ESG approach
Investment teams leading on ESG approach

Our Principles

At RWC, we believe that the prudent consideration of ESG factors and best practice in responsible investment can positively impact the long-term risk/reward profiles of our portfolios; each of our investment teams has a high degree of autonomy with regard to its investment process, with ESG
factors specific to geography, strategy and asset class considered as appropriate. As such, our approach to responsible investment is contextualised by the opportunities and constraints our teams face. Cross-team coordination of activities, as well as related advice and oversight, is provided by a centralised sustainability function.

10,000 Black Interns

RWC COVID 19 Response Initiative
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