Fed monetary policy through the looking glass

What will come out of the rabbit hole? ​​​​​​Read the latest update from our RWC Diversified Return team. 

Liquidity – the asset class that’s never there when you need it

Read the latest update from the RWC Diversified Return team

Five reasons to consider the energy sector

The rebound of the worst performing sector.​​​​​

Process over outcome

The outcome will teach you very little about any individual decision.

Testing boundaries

The cost of investment returns > ultimate ends IFSI. 

Investing in mental health

Investing in mental health and well-being for long-term, sustainable returns by John Malloy Historically, the financial industry has fostered a culture of dedication to work at the expense of many other aspects of life. The long-established mantra that in order to be a successful financier, work must be the priority above all else, is still […]

The season of proxy discontent

Are asset managers engaging on ESG issues and willing to use their voting power to force change?

Why is the market pricing the stag but not the flation?

Relentless buying by the Fed and other central banks around the world has depressed bond yields. 

Questionable investment maxims

Are frequently repeated maxim’s ​​​​​backed by any empirical evidence? 

Oil be back?

Oil rises despite the economy remaining partially closed.