Emerging and Frontier Markets

Emerging and frontier markets represent the fastest growing countries in the world. We believe the continued growth in these markets presents opportunities across a range of industries. Our index agnostic, opportunistic approach has been honed for over two decades, and the depth of experience garnered within our team allows us to participate in different opportunities that are usually off the beaten track.


Emerging Markets: 2021 and beyond


Emerging Markets: Precious Metals


Emerging Markets: Growth at a reasonable price

Emerging and Frontier Markets

A well trodden path


A 21 -strong team, some of whom have worked together for over two decades, prioritising face-to-face research to inform idea generation. This provides on-the-ground knowledge and ability to seek out a wide range of opportunities across the emerging and frontier markets spectrum.

John M. Malloy
John M. Malloy

John joined RWC in March 2015 from Everest Capital to co-manage the Emerging and Frontier Markets team with James. He has 23 years of experience in global investment management, commodity, debt and equity research analysis. Before joining RWC, John spent 18 years at Everest Capital where he focused on emerging markets investing.

James Johnstone
James Johnstone

James holds an MA (Hons) in Classics and Modern Languages, Christ Church, Oxford University and speaks Russian.

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