What do high valuations mean?

Will you be swapping the turkey?

A vegan Christmas?

Will you be swapping the turkey?

Canary in the coal mine

Déjà vu?

Learning from our mistakes

The context – no place for hubris nor for the blame game… Never forget investment is a probabilistic endeavour, not a world in which the future is certain. We will make mistakes, it is a statistical certainty, and acknowledging this creates the important emotional space that allows us to face up to what’s happened. We […]

In for free – revisited

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Investment opportunities in Asia ex China

Asia emerged out of Covid-19 stronger. Early signs of recovery were evident from rising industrial production and retail sales while mobility recovered close to pre-Covid levels in late 2020. We see this momentum accelerating throughout the rest of 2021 as the global economy recovers supported by re-openings and positive vaccine developments. Asia’s aggregate manufacturing rose […]

Hope for the best, plan for the worst – what happens if inflation is not ‘transitory’?

Read the latest update from the UK Value & Income team

Case study: Falck Renewables

Financial markets can play a part in combatting the effects of climate change by directing funding to new solutions. In the search for uncorrelated return sources—that is, returns that are separate and distinct to those available through broad market exposure—perhaps this theme of providing capital to these renewable energy providers has much to offer for […]

The irony of transition metals

This is the race to net zero in materials. 

Did the pandemic benefit bricks and mortar retail?

The retail pond appears to have gotten bigger – now that some of the historical key players have demised.