Convertible Bonds

Convertible bonds provide a hybrid solution for investors looking to have a balanced exposure to financial markets and deliver returns that compound with low volatility over time. Our team has developed unique models and systems over the last decade, enabling us to identify the best investments within the asset class for our investors. We provide a range of actively managed solutions designed to exploit the attractive asymmetric return profile of convertible bonds with varying degrees of risk tolerance.


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Download the latest guide here.

Download the latest guide here


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Convertible bonds and volatility – a perfect match

Convertible Bonds

Sitting between debt and equity, convertibles have proven highly useful for investors


Stability, undiluted attention and ownership are differentiators for our investors as we build long-term relationships that look to extract the best opportunities the convertible bond asset class has to offer.

Davide Basile
Davide Basile

Davide worked within both the Private Wealth and Investment Management divisions, and most recently held the Head of Convertible Bonds position. Davide graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in Material Science Engineering.

Justin Craib-Cox
Justin Craib-Cox

Justin is a CFA Charterholder, graduated from the University of Virginia where he gained a degree in English and History and earned a Masters in Finance from London Business School.

Uday Sikand
Uday Sikand

Uday is a CFA charterholder, graduated from Henley Business School in 2011 where he gained a MSc in Investment Management.

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