Stable, focused investment team. Davide has been managing the convertible bonds team since January 2010 which focuses purely on the management of convertible bond strategies. We believe this stability, undiluted attention and ownership are differentiators for our investors as we build long-term relationships that look to extract the best opportunities the convertible bond asset class has to offer.


An active approach to a dynamic asset class. Convertible bonds have the ability to preserve capital in a down-market and to participate well to the up-side but require active management to ensure that portfolios remain constantly invested in the most attractive portion of the asset class. Our strict investment process has delivered on this over time, proving particularly rewarding in periods of high volatility.


A total commitment to managing real risks. The quality of the companies whose bonds we invest in, the price we pay for these bonds and the strong management of liquidity are critical as we protect and grow our clients’ assets. We balance these factors with a strong understanding of the broader economic and political environment which can provide both risks and opportunities for bonds in one country over another. Ultimately strong returns come from ensuring that we do not expose our clients to significant losses in capital and therefore a strong approach to portfolio risk is at the forefront of the team’s investment approach. Our proprietary risk management system is key in the day-to-day management of our portfolios and we offer clients an in-depth breakdown on a monthly basis.