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The pillars of value investing

We strive to be responsible investors in everything that we do. Our corporate culture and organisational approach places high importance on diversity & inclusion, our environmental impact and our interaction with the communities in which we operate, all themes that regularly feature in our consideration of ESG factors.
The price of Active Management
The price of Active Management

The Price of Active Management – Is the Lowest Fee the Best Deal? Arthur Grigoryants. There are many interesting aspects of the active versus passive debate that has dominated the investment industry agenda in the past few years.

Capacity Management
Capacity Management

A deeper dive into the question of investment capacity Arthur Grigoryants. As transparency in the broader investment industry gradually increases, largely assisted by regulation...

Behind the Red Wheel

Our active investment heritage is built on a foundation of innovation, original thought and high conviction investing. We are a specialist, independent investment manager established in 2000 with a simple ambition: to create an environment where exceptional fund managers can operate in a manner that allows them to maximise their skills over the long term.

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