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We are long-term intrinsic value investors who believe that short term sentiment amongst many market participants causes them to overreact to news which has little or no impact on the long run value of a company. This overreaction causes share prices to diverge from the intrinsic value of the underlying business and provides an opportunity for long term investors to purchase shares at less than their true value. Buying shares at a discount to intrinsic value is a defensive strategy which builds in a margin of safety but also offers attractive total return potential through both dividend income and capital appreciation.


Are these quality growth stocks neither quality nor growth?

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Sustainable Value


Those shiny Ørsted shares? I’d rather have Dong’s

UK Value and Income

The pillars of value investing


Nick Purves, Ian Lance and John Teahan have a long-established investing partnership and between them have over seventy years of experience throughout which time they have encountered a variety of investing cycles.

Ian Lance
Ian Lance

Ian has thirty years of experience in fund management and started working with Nick at Schroders in 2007 before joining RWC in August 2010.

Nick Purves
Nick Purves

Nick joined RWC in August 2010. Nick worked at Schroders for over sixteen years, initially starting as an analyst before moving in to portfolio management where he managed both Institutional Specialist Value Funds and the Schroder Income Fund and Income Maximiser Fund together with Ian Lance.

John Teahan
John Teahan

John joined RWC in September 2010. He was previously portfolio manager at Schroders where he co-managed the Schroder Income Maximiser with Nick Purves and Ian Lance. In addition he co-managed the Schroder Global Dividend Maximiser, Schroder European Dividend Maximiser and Schroder UK Income Defensive funds, all three of which employed a covered call strategy.

Larry Furness
Larry Furness

Larry joined RWC in August 2010 as a graduate recruit. From 2011 to 2013 he worked as a Market Strategist covering rates and currencies.

Jaakko Kinanen
Jaakko Kinanen

Jaakko joined RWC’s Equity Income team in September 2015 from Northleaf Capital.

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