Diversified Return

We manage a multi-strategy approach designed to conservatively grow investors’ capital while diversifying their portfolios. The strategy’s risk-taking is grounded in the team’s credit-cycle framework. Targeted use of derivatives, alternative return sources, and portfolio construction add value over basic asset allocation.


Rare Earths

Read the latest article from RWC’s Clark Fenton, as he discusses the concept of Rare Earths and the compelling investment opportunity.

Thoughts Through the Cycle

Read the latest weekly thoughts from the Diversified Return Team

Fed monetary policy through the looking glass
What will come out of the rabbit hole? ​​​​​​Read the latest update from our RWC Diversified Return team. 

Q1 2021 Investor Update


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Diversified through the cyle

Guide to Diversified Return

Diversified return

We go way beyond the 60/40 to meet the diversification challenges of today’s market


The team has a long history investing to produce uncorrelated outcomes, with a deep understanding of cross-asset trade expression. This is complemented by their expertise in portfolio construction and risk management

Clark Fenton
Clark Fenton

Clark joined RWC to manage the Diversified Return team which he began at Agilis Investment Management. He founded Agilis in 2017 and served until October 2019 as the CEO and CIO.

Praveen Kanakamedala
Praveen Kanakamedala

Prior to joining RWC, Praveen managed Operations, Risk and Compliance for Agilis. He was previously the Global Head of Risk Management and Chair of the Risk Committee at Permal from 2013 to 2015.

Charles Crowson
Charles Crowson

Charles joined RWC from Agilis Investment Management in October 2019 to continue managing the Diversified Return strategy.

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