Five reasons to consider the energy sector

The rebound of the worst performing sector.​​​​​

Process over outcome

The outcome will teach you very little about any individual decision.

The season of proxy discontent

Are asset managers engaging on ESG issues and willing to use their voting power to force change?

Questionable investment maxims

Are frequently repeated maxim’s ​​​​​backed by any empirical evidence? 

Oil be back?

Oil rises despite the economy remaining partially closed. 

The price of Active Management

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The Price of Active Management – Is the Lowest Fee the Best Deal? Arthur Grigoryants. There are many interesting aspects of the active versus passive debate that has dominated the investment industry agenda in the past few years.

Fed monetary policy through the looking glass

What will come out of the rabbit hole? ​​​​​​Read the latest update from our RWC Diversified Return team. 

Those shiny Ørsted shares? I’d rather have Dong’s

What an incredible story Ørsted makes.

Capacity Management

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A deeper dive into the question of investment capacity Arthur Grigoryants. As transparency in the broader investment industry
gradually increases, largely assisted by regulation…

Emerging markets: 2021 and beyond

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There are many supportive tailwinds for emerging markets as we enter 2021 and beyond. Drs. Cem and Felipe (with quantitative support from Dr. Spies) published a white paper on the outlook for the US dollar…